Why us


We manufacture these structures at very economical rates which are flexible enough to offer a high level of strength and aesthetical modifications. Low-cost housing and multi-purpose building. Both options are available fabricated/crafted or civil. We provide a large variety of products and services

Innovative: We could turn your camp ideas into reality, and a fully customized and creative hotel tent design offers a unique vacation experience.

Durable: Our hotel tents are designed with high-strength frames, durable and waterproof PVC fabric to avoid outdoor sunshine and rain, which could provide a better outdoor accommodation experience.

Luxurious: It’s a distinct form of traditional camping, and suitable for people who want to experience a hotel or resort while enjoying outdoor camping. The luxury hotel tents have simple but comfortable designs.

Quick: Compared to traditional hotel constructions, our tent hotels are modular designs, and the construction time costs only 1/10 of the traditional hotels.

Comfortable: The interior is with bathrooms, bedrooms, terrace and other areas, and also electricity, flooring, lighting and other facilities. You could also have a comfortable accommodation experience in the wild.

Movable: The construction of the hotel tent does not require a foundation and is flexible in site selection, allowing the hotel to integrate into the outdoor and move to different places for reuse according to demand.